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  1. Column: MLB Ump Sues League For Racial DiscriminationJuly 13, 2017

    On the eve of baseball’s celebration of our nation’s birth, MLB umpire Angel Hernandez filed a lawsuit against the league and Commissioner Rob Manfred alleging racial discrimination against minority umpires. Hernandez’ suit, filed in U.S. District Court in Cincinnati, comes on the heels of two discrimination charges he filed against MLB with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in June. Why Hernandez chose to go public with his complaints at this time is unknown. What we do know for certain is Hernandez should consider himself extremely fortunate to still have a job as one of MLB’s 92 umpires. The Cuban-born Hernandez, 55, began his MLB career as a part-time umpire in1993 and was promoted to a full time position in 1995. Throughout the past 25 years, he has consistently been rated among the five worst umpires in the league.

  2. Column: MLB Umpires are EmbarrassedMay 12, 2013

    MLB umpires have been making headlines lately, which is never good news for the league or the men in blue. First, Tom Hallion was fined an undisclosed amount after initiating a verbal spat with Tampa Rays pitcher David Price. Hallion rebuked Price for his reaction to a pitch call during a game on April 28. Price told reporters that as he walked off the mound at the end of the inning, Hallion yelled at him “throw the (bleeping) ball over the plate.” Two other pitchers in the Rays dugout also claim to have heard the umpire use a profanity. Back and forth comments in the media and on Twitter included a charge by Hallion that Price was “a liar.” Price countered by accusing Hallion of being a coward. MLB fined all three pitchers $1,000 for violating the league’s social media policy. In addition, they took the unusual action of announcing that Hallion was also fined an undisclosed amount.