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  1. Column: Super Bowl Ads and WomenJanuary 25, 2018

    While the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles and their fans are preparing for the Super Bowl on February 4, not everyone will be focused on the game. Viewing, analyzing and comparing the Super Bowl ads – dubbed the “Ad Bowl” – is a ritual almost as old as the game itself. One of the themes marketers have historically used is the depiction of women as sex objects in an effort to peddle products, particularly cars, beer and food. Two of the worst offenders have been Carl’s Jr. and GoDaddy. When I ask students in my Sport Marketing course to find the least effective ad one of the most frequent candidates is Carl’s Jr.’s 2015 Super Bowl spot featuring model Charlotte McKinney. The model, attired in a bikini, is seductively looking into the camera while preparing to chomp down on an enormous cheeseburger. Students uniformly discredit the ad, claiming no one who regularly eats oversized cheeseburgers could look like McKinney.

  2. Column: A Merciful End to The NFL SeasonFebruary 2, 2015

    most popular and financially successful sports league. The popularity of the NFL is both a blessing and a curse. The league has experienced unprecedented financial success - approximately $10 billion a year in revenue, on track to the avowed goal of $25 billion a year within a decade. But there’s more to success than the bottom line on a financial statement. Along with that popularity comes the intense scrutiny of every move, including - and perhaps especially - every oversight and misstep. In that regard, Goodell may have had the most difficult and challenging job in sports during the past year. As the commissioner said during his annual Super Bowl confab with the media, "…it has been a tough year. It has been a tough year for me personally. It's been a year of I would say humility and learning…We obviously, as an organization, have gone through adversity. But more importantly, it's been adversity for me.” Boy was he right.