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  1. Column: Jay-Z Rocks Agent NationMay 26, 2013

    Roc Nation Sports (RNS), the nascent full-service sports management company founded by rapper Jay-Z, is poised to make an impact on the field of athlete representation. Despite its initial success, some agents appear to be dismissive of RNS. High-powered baseball agent Scott Boras told USA Today, “To suggest that somebody is going to walk off the street and say, ‘I am a fan, I enjoy sports, so I can do this,’ is no different than somebody watching the Discovery channel and saying, ‘I’m a fan of medicine, I like surgery, so I’ll start operating on people.” Boras’ comments are reminiscent of the hilarious Holiday Inn Express ads - “I’m not a surgeon…but I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night,” – except competition from Jay-Z’s agency should be no laughing matter to the sports agent fraternity.

  2. Blog: Jay - Z Becomes a Sports AgentApril 21, 2013

    The announcement that Jay-Z was moving from entertainer to sports agent seemed to take most people by surprise. But wait a minute, what’s the “E” in ESPN stand for? That’s right, “Entertainment.” The fledgling “World Wide Leader” knew at inception that sports was entertainment and vice versa. So much for surprise.

    But don’t expect Jay-Z to be negotiating directly with the Yankees on behalf of Robinson Cano, the rapper’s first client. Those duties will be the responsibility of Creative Artists Agency (CAA), the well-known sports agency that has teamed up with Jay-Z. Nonetheless, Beyonce’s lesser half says he’s serious about becoming more than just a recruiter for another agent. He intends to become licensed by the NFL, NBA and MLB as soon as possible. But Jay-Z has some hoops to jump through first, especially with the NFLPA.