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  1. Column: NASCAR's Big ChangesMarch 2, 2017

    NASCAR began its 2017 season on Sunday in the traditional way, with the Daytona 500. But if you ask the sport’s most loyal fans, that’s about all the tradition that remains. One of the most visible changes to the Cup series - stock car racing’s highest level - is a new sponsor, Monster Energy, which is famous for edgy marketing. After an exhibition race the week before the 500, the Monster Girls were seen parading in victory lane wearing skimpy leather outfits, leaving little to the imagination. Offended fans took to social media to accuse them of looking like hookers – or worse. Appropriate or not, sex has long been one of the pillars of NASCAR’s marketing efforts along with booze and patriotism.

  2. Column: Track & Field Athlete Takes a Stand on PrincipleAugust 24, 2015

    “A principle is not a principle until it costs you money.” Bill Bernbach, the Founder of ad agency Doyle Dane and Bernbach . Nick Symmonds can relate to Bernbach’s statement. A two-time Olympian, Symmonds won the 800 meters at the U.S. Trials earlier this month which automatically qualified him for a spot on this country’s World Championship team. But while the team is currently competing in Beijing, Nick is home watching the competition from his couch. Symmonds’ predicament is a direct consequence of his principles. As a condition of participation in the Worlds, USA Track & Field (USATF), this country’s governing body for track and field athletes, required all participants to sign a “Statement of Conditions.” The statement requires all athletes to wear "designated team uniforms at official team functions," which on its face isn’t an unreasonable requirement. But to USATF, team functions apparently include every waking hour from the time athletes boarded the plane to China until they return to the States. Their definition covers not only training sessions, press conferences, competitions, and award ceremonies but sightseeing jaunts and lounging around the hotel. And – get this - photos on Facebook.