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  1. Column: Woods and VonnMarch 25, 2013

    According to the tabloids, Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn are the new number one sports power couple in the world, which raises a multitude of questions. For example, who did they displace? What are the rankings based on, wealth? Unscientific public opinion polls? Career victories? Career earnings? Length of their relationship? The couple’s impact on society? Beauty? The latter may be the place the media starts. Not all, but many athletes are among the most beautiful people in the world. Athletes, male and female, are also among the fittest, tannest, most physically attractive human beings in our society. And beauty begets beauty. Vonn and Woods are no exception. When he isn’t treating media conferences like a day in the dentist’s chair, Woods can display a million watt smile that could light up the darkest room. Vonn is outgoing and personable and at 160 pounds is much more appealing to the eye than any Victoria Secret model sauntering down a runway.