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  1. Column: Another Victory for TV ChoiceJune 15, 2015

    Slowly but surely, fans are forcing sports teams and leagues to add to the limited viewing options they have historically offered us. In what can only be described as a huge victory for freedom of choice, the NHL and its broadcasters recently settled their portion of a class action lawsuit that has been lingering in the U.S. District Court for several years. MLB, also a defendant in the suit, is now left to singularly defend against allegations that they use blackouts to limit out-of-market games in order to protect local teams’ revenue.

  2. Column: MLB Franchise Values ExplodeOctober 28, 2013

    Move over, Forbes. Bloomberg has compiled a list of estimated franchise values for MLB teams that is more accurate than anything previously published by Forbes. Bloomberg News analysts spent nine months pouring over data prior to publishing their findings on October 23. The conclusion: The average MLB team is worth $1 billion, more than 35% higher than previous estimates. Ten teams are worth more than $1 billion each. Those numbers pale in comparison to NFL team values, where all 32 teams are worth at least $1 billion. But the fact that so many MLB teams are worth as much as an NFL team came as surprising news to many analysts. Not surprisingly, the Yankees topped the list at $3.3 billion. The Yankees are the sport’s most successful and most recognizable franchise, play in the largest market, had the highest team revenue in 2012 at $570 million, the fourth highest attendance in 2013 at 3.3 million, the highest average ticket price and own a significant portion of their regional sports network (RSN). The Dodgers rank second at $2.1 billion and are largely responsible for the higher overall valuations in MLB.