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  1. Column: What We Can Learn From The Ryan Lochte AffairSeptember 1, 2016

    If you thought the Rio Olympic Games morphed into the Ryan Lochte saga, you can be forgiven. Lochte, a 12-time Olympic medalist in swimming - six gold, three silver and three bronze – created a firestorm that took on a life of its own, one that seemingly won’t die. By now, it’s hard to find an American who can’t recount the circumstances that gave rise to the controversy. Lochte and fellow Olympian Jimmy Feigen claimed they, along with U.S. swimmers Gunnar Bentz and Jack Conger, were robbed at gunpoint on the night of August 14 during a night on the town in Rio. The perpetrators, according to Lochte, were Rio police.

  2. Column: Marlins Suing Season Ticket HolderMay 12, 2016

    Angry sports fans may have found a lawsuit they can rally around. The Miami Marlins are suing a season ticket holder for failing to pay for tickets he didn’t receive. The fan’s attorney filed a motion to dismiss the suit and claims “the team reneged on everything” it promised. Until the revenue from media rights fees skyrocketed, season tickets were the lifeblood of sports teams. And Mickey Axelband was a sports team’s dream. He had been a Marlins season ticket holder since the team’s first game in 1993. In 2011 he agreed to purchase two season tickets for 2012 and 2013. Axelband paid a total of $24,300 for the first year but after the team allegedly reneged on its promise to provide him certain benefits – e.g., seats in a special lounge - he stopped attending games and refused to pay for the second year of his contract. The Marlins elected to sue.

  3. Column: Syracuse University Has Kissed the Kiss Cam GoodbyeSeptember 30, 2015

    Syracuse University has kissed its Kiss Cam goodbye - at least temporarily - after one fan wrote a letter to the editor claiming that it sends the wrong message at a time when colleges are campaigning against sexual violence on campus. During a football game against Wake Forest, Steve Port said he witnessed two instances where women were forcibly kissed by men despite clearly saying no. According to Port, the men were engaging in “horrifying behavior” that made him “sick to my stomach.” Furthermore, he says the University is encouraging and condoning sexual assault and “a sense of male entitlement, at best, and an actual instance of assault, at worst.” In response, Syracuse suspended use of the Kiss Cam for the following week’s game against Central Michigan University. University spokesperson Sue Edson said, “We are taking time to assess the concerns expressed in the letter.”

  4. Column: Isiah Thomas ReturnsMay 18, 2015

    Two leagues, two different modes of operation. League A has imposed a four game ban – one-quarter of the season - on one of its premier players, a league icon and future Hall of Famer who has made more money for the league than virtually any other player in NFL history. That player has been a model citizen on and off the gridiron for 15 years. The player’s transgression was not ratting on other team employees who were messing with the game balls, a minor rule book violation punishable by a $25,000 fine. League B recently allowed one team to hire as its president and part owner a man who has failed miserably at every single basketball-related activity he has ever been associated with after winding up a Hall of Fame career as a player. This individual is responsible for running the Toronto Raptors, New York Knicks, Florida International University, Indiana Pacers and the Continental Basketball League into the ground while serving those organizations in various capacities including coach, general manager and president. And did I mention that while he was president of the Knicks, he was slapped with a sexual harassment suit brought by a team employee that resulted in an $11.6 million judgment?

  5. Column: Rockies Owner Disses FansJuly 21, 2014

    It’s obvious that Colorado Rockies’ owner Dick Monfort is stressed and frustrated. His team, which looked like a contender in the spring, recently hit rock bottom in the National League West. But that’s no excuse for the way he’s been treating the team’s fans. Monfort took issue with a fan’s responses on a comment card submitted after the fan attended the Rockies’ Fourth of July game. Rather than reach out to the fan in a positive manner Monfort sent him the following message: “If product and environment that bad, don’t come.” We don’t know what the fan said, but Monfort is the owner of the “product” and the person who controls the fan environment. Therefore, his comments were totally out of line.