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  1. Column: An MLB Pace-of-Play Idea With Universal AppealMarch 9, 2017

    MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred has finally proposed an idea that every baseball fan can embrace: reducing commercial time during games. Since he became commissioner in 2014 Manfred has been on a crusade he has dubbed “pace-of-play,” which has been interpreted as a reduction in game times. To that end, in the past two years MLB has enacted a number of rules, including forcing players to remain in the batting box during their at bats - subject to exceptions - requiring pitchers to finish their warmup throws so they are ready to pitch immediately at the end of commercial breaks and encouraging umpires to enforce the strike zone. This year, intentional walks will no longer require the pitcher to throw four pitches wide of the strike zone. On a signal from the manager, the batter will automatically be awarded first base.

  2. Column: MLB Serves Up... SoftballFebruary 16, 2017

    As owner of the Kansas City/Oakland Athletics from 1960-80, Charles O. Finley had more creative ideas than all his fellow owners combined. He outfitted his teams in colorful uniforms and tried to convince his fellow owners to adopt orange baseballs and bases. Finley was roundly criticized by fans, media and players for confusing baseball with softball. Decades later, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred is impersonating Finley. In an effort to speed up the game and save pitchers’ arms, MLB plans to test a rule change this season in the Minors that would place a runner on second base at the start of each extra inning. Different rules for extra innings are not without precedent. A similar rule has been used in international baseball for nearly a decade and will be implemented in the World Baseball Classic this spring. Putting a runner on second for extra innings has also been used in softball.