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  1. Column: Michael Sam Makes HistoryMay 12, 2014

    History is sometimes made suddenly, as it was on Saturday when the St. Louis Rams drafted Missouri’s Michael Sam with the 249th pick of the NFL draft. Sam became the first openly gay player to be drafted by an NFL team. Historic though the move was, there should be two caveats attached to it. One, Sam has yet to make the team, and two, even if he does, Sam will not be the first gay player in NFL history. A number of players have come out after their football careers were over and recently, several former NFL players confirmed that they had gay teammates during their playing days, even though the players’ sexuality was never made public.

  2. Column: Jason Collins Comes OutMay 5, 2013

    Jason Collins has been labeled “courageous” and a “hero” for being the first active player in one of the four Major League team sports to announce that he is gay. To label him “courageous” and a “hero” for publicly disclosing his sexual orientation speaks volumes about where we are – or aren’t - as a society in 2013. The spectators who, disregarding their own safety, ran toward the bombings during the Boston Marathon for the purpose of helping others, are courageous. The first responders who provided comfort and medical attention to the dying and carried the injured to safety are true heroes. Collins was merely being honest about an issue that is nobody else’s business. With all the progress we have made in accepting people for who they are, not who they love, the sheer dimension of media coverage following Collins’ admission proves we still have a long way to go in the area of human rights. Collins’ announcement should never have been considered “news.”