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  1. Column: College Athletes Unrealistic About Playing ProFebruary 9, 2015

    “You can do anything you want to do.” How many of us have heard those words spoken by parents, teachers, coaches and peers? But as I tell my students, those words should be taken with a healthy dose of reality. And that admonition is especially true for college athletes. Why? According to data compiled by the NCAA, far too many college athletes in every sport have an unrealistic view of their chances to play pro. Every four years, the NCAA conducts what it calls a GOALS Study (Growth, Opportunities, Aspirations and Learning of Students in college). The detailed study is a survey of student-athletes in a variety of sports - men’s and women’s - across all three divisions. Student-athletes are asked a broad range of questions about their college experiences including their future expectations to play sports professionally.

  2. Column: NCAA Drug TestsJanuary 13, 2015

    The short-handed Oregon Ducks lost to Ohio State 42-20 in Monday’s first ever College Football Playoff (CFP) national championship game. Two Oregon players, wide receiver Darren Carrington and running back Ayele Forde, were forced to sit out the game after failing drug tests mandated by the NCAA. Carrington tested positive for marijuana although Forde’s specific violation is unknown. The players were tested prior to the Ducks’ victory over Florida State in the CFP semifinal game the previous week. As with most things involving the NCAA, their role in the drug testing process is controversial.

  3. Column: College Football Like NFLJanuary 5, 2015

    With the first ever Division 1 – Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) – playoff currently underway, perhaps it’s appropriate to ask the question: Is college football now just like the NFL? The answer is… yes and no. No doubt there are similarities between the two. Each strives to maximize revenues but overall the NFL has done a much better job of that than college teams. This year the NFL grossed $10 billion in revenue compared to approximately $3.2 billion by the 120 FBS teams according to the website The Business of College Sports. The figure for colleges is decidedly understated as not all schools report financial data and others don’t include revenue from all sources. Service academies and private schools are not bound by disclosure requirements. In addition, revenue used for college athletics may be intertwined with other University revenue – such as student athletic fees - and some athletic revenue, especially for football, is independent of the University.

  4. Column: Colleges Sell Beer, Chase RevenueSeptember 1, 2014

    The college football season opened last week and there are a number of changes from last year for the most popular collegiate sport. The most talked about change is The College Football Playoff, a Final Four style postseason format which has replaced the controversial BCS, where the two “best” teams in the land as voted by polls and computer rankings faced off for the national championship. But don’t count on the new format eliminating controversy. Selection of the four playoff participants will be determined by a 13-person committee, fraught with the same human biases and subject to the same intense politicking that pollsters and fans are all too familiar with. Instead of complaints from the second and third place teams, which were du rigueur under the previous system, be prepared for grousing from the fifth and sixth place teams.

  5. Column: NCAA Athletes Are Going HungryApril 21, 2014

    On Thursday, the NCAA Division I Board of Directors will vote on a proposal to expand meal options for its student athletes. If you’re a betting person – and if you filled out a March Madness bracket you are – bet the house that the proposal will pass. One of the thousands of petty and arcane rules adopted and enforced by the NCAA limits student athletes on full scholarships to three meals a day or a food stipend. Even greater meal restrictions are placed on walk-ons and those on partial scholarships. No late-night meals or snacks are permitted on the theory that…well, who cares what the theory is? The restrictions are just another example of how the tyrannical governing body abuses the golden goose - student athletes - that makes the suits in the Ivory Towers, i.e., NCAA employees, coaches and athletic administrators, flush with cash.

  6. Column: Out of Control FansMarch 10, 2014

    Fanatic – “A person marked or motivated by an extreme, unreasoning enthusiasm” The Free Dictionary The term “fan” is presumed to be a derivative of the word “fanatic,” a word that is not always used in a complimentary fashion. That’s the case with several recent examples of college basketball fans gone wild. Perhaps the incident that received the most exposure is the one involving Oklahoma State’s Marcus Smart and Texas Tech fan, Jeff Orr. After Smart committed a foul during the last minute of the Cowboys’ loss to the Red Raiders in Lubbock, his momentum carried him into the stands, where Orr spewed epithets at him. Smart instinctively responded by shoving Orr before being pulled away by teammates. Smart was hit with a technical and suspended for three games by the Big 12 Conference.