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  1. Column: It's Time for a Sports DegreeApril 14, 2014

    Colleges and universities prepare students for a variety of professions, including a number of careers in the entertainment field. Degrees are offered in music, dancing, singing and acting. But we don’t offer a degree in one of the most popular forms of entertainment in this country: Sports. It’s time that oversight is remedied. This is not a novel proposal. The concept of a degree in athletic performance has been bandied about for a decade or more by some of the top academics in the country. But so far, no university has been able – perhaps willing is a better word – to embrace the idea. It can’t be because such a degree would somehow impugn the academic integrity of an institution. Far too many universities steer athletes to easy courses – “clustering” is the technical phrase – lacking academic rigor. Others award degrees in “University Studies” which is of specious value in preparing athletes for life beyond their playing careers.