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  1. Column: Would You Pay $36 Per Month for ESPN?July 27, 2015

    Growing up in the family business – wholesale meat and groceries – I was always looking for ways to improve operations. Every time I made a suggestion my father couldn’t or wouldn’t support, his standard response was “It sounds good.” I learned early on those were his final words on the topic. There was no discussion or explanation. Nor did he ever indicate whether he didn’t like the idea or had tried something similar in the past without success and didn’t want to hurt my feelings. This brings me to the concept of a la carte cable television, the option to purchase only those channels we want to watch. The cable industry prefers the concept of bundling where we are forced to buy a package of channels, most of which we never watch. It’s frustrating listening to a cable representative explain their offerings, none of which truly mirror our viewing preferences. If it was available, most of us would instinctively choose the a la carte option. But would that result in a lower cable bill? Maybe, or maybe not.