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  1. Column: Cost of Attending MLB Game Goes UpApril 28, 2016

    Like the federal debt, the cost of attending a Major League Baseball (MLB) game is rising. This season the average increase over last year is 3.7%. That may not seem like a huge increase but in the twelve months preceding the opening of the 2016 season, the inflation rate was a mere 0.9%. Ticket prices alone increased 7.1% last year, almost eight times greater than last year’s inflation rate. According to Team Marketing Report’s (TMR) annual survey of MLB teams, the Arizona Diamondbacks provide the lowest overall fan cost of any of the 30 teams. That’s not news. This is the tenth consecutive year that Arizona has claimed the title. It all starts with ticket prices and the Diamondbacks have the lowest average season ticket price in the league at $18.53 per ticket. The Major League average is $31.

  2. Column: New Ballpark Food for 2015April 12, 2015

    Ballpark concessions are as much a part of the baseball experience as foul balls and autographs. And if you want to challenge your inner gastronomical self, a number of new and creative concession items are available at ballparks around the country. Some may sound appealing, others revolting depending on your constitution. The Texas Rangers introduced a fried food stand exclusively for, well, fried concoctions. One of the featured items is a Fried S’more. The name says it all: deep fried marshmallows breaded in graham cracker crust, mixed with two deep-fried Oreos on a skewer, drizzled with chocolate sauce and topped with Cool Whip.

  3. Column: Outrageous Ballpark FoodMarch 31, 2014

    The 2014 baseball season opens in earnest this week, another sign that winter is on its last legs – hopefully – and we can look forward to a trip to the local ballpark. In addition to the sights and sounds of baseball, most of us will engage in a culinary experience that, in some cases, could guarantee a financially sound retirement for our cardiologist. Every year it seems like Major League and Minor League teams try to outdo themselves with the highest calorie-laden concession item they can conjure up, our physical and financial health be damned. Prior concoctions include the Fifth Third Burger created by the Class A Western Michigan Whitecaps. The Burger is a four pound behemoth featuring chili, chips and salsa on a one pound hamburger bun. Lest you think the 4,889 calories are a bit much, the $20 item is designed to feed a family of four. A lighter – albeit sweeter – main course is dished up by the Independent Gateway Grizzlies. It features a modest sized burger with two slices of bacon and cheddar cheese crammed between a sliced Krispy Kreme Original Glazed donut, calories unknown.