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  1. Column: How to be a Sports Fan in 2014January 5, 2014

    There is disagreement about the origin of the word fan as it pertains to sports fans. Merriam-Webster and the Oxford dictionaries claim it’s the shortened version of fanatics. The Dickson Baseball Dictionary claims it was derived from the fancy, a term that originated in England during the early 18th century and referred to the fans of a specific hobby or sport, especially to the followers of boxing. What is not in dispute is that not everyone is a sports fan. In a November 2011 poll conducted by the Marist Institute for Public Opinion only 61% of Americans identified themselves as sports fans. Many of the 39% who aren’t fans are probably perfectly happy going through life without the burdens the rest of us bear, spending countless hours, not to mention dollars, on our love of sports, our emotions rising and falling with the success – or lack thereof – of our favorite sports teams. But in the event non-sports fans want to become a little more like us, to be able to converse about sports at home or at the office, here are ten things to do in 2014 that will help bridge the gap between them and us.