This blog was a long time coming. I agonized over it for several years, but finally decided to add my name – and thoughts – to the blogosphere. Why? Like most people who take the plunge, I thought I had something to say that wasn’t being said, at least not in the manner I was saying it.

If you don’t agree with my view, there won’t be any hard feelings. Reasonable minds can differ. As I tell my students, you’re free to disagree with me, but don’t just say, “I disagree.” Support your position, which is what I will try to do here. You’ll get facts, an opinion, and something to think about.

In addition to posting my weekly column, from time to time I will also opine on the top (or not) stories of the day in much smaller bites. So click on regularly. If you want to reach me for further information send me an email at:

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Happy Reading!