Archive - January 2018

  1. Column: How College Sports Dodge TaxesJanuary 11, 2018

    When Alabama beat Georgia for the National Championship it put an end to the 2017 college football season. What will continue is the tax dodge engaged in by college sports programs around the country. Historically, college sports were viewed as merely ancillary to the educational purpose of universities. The concept was akin to the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in 1922 that granted MLB an antitrust exemption because, according to the Justices, baseball wasn’t “a business.” Both decisions may have made sense decades ago when revenues were generated primarily from ticket sales, but they seem absurd today. NCAA Division I sports programs generate an estimated $8 billion a year and tickets represent only a fraction of that total. That’s more income than the NHL and the NBA – approximately $4.5 billion and $6 billion, respectively - generate.

  2. Column: Is It Time To Get Rid Of Replay?January 4, 2018

    If the names Don Denkinger and Jim Joyce ring a bell, you know why we have instant replay in sports. The two former MLB umps are part of MLB history – for the wrong reason. Denkinger famously blew a call at first base in game six of the 1985 World Series when he called Kansas City Royals pinch-hitter Jorge Orta safe on an infield squibbler. Orta, leading off the bottom of the ninth inning with the St. Louis Cardinals up 3-2 and on the verge of closing out the Series, was clearly out. With two outs in the inning, the Royals scored two runs, won the game 4-3 and won game seven the next night. As any Cardinals fan will tell you, Denkinger’s gaff cost St. Louis the World Series.