Archive - December 2017

  1. Column: Looking Ahead To 2018December 28, 2017

    The age-old question – Where does the time go? – can never be adequately answered. But if you’re reading this, you made it through 2017 and hopefully you’re looking forward to 2018. So let’s dust off the crystal ball and see what’s ahead in the world of sports business. NFL ratings continued to plummet in 2017 – by last count down by 8.4 percent over 2016, which declined from the previous season. While those numbers would give most leagues apoplexy, NFL programming is still the number one watched show on every network. In a world with more TV choices than ever, lower ratings aren’t taken as seriously as they might have been a decade ago. Don’t be surprised if NFL ratings continue to decline in 2018.

  2. Column: Tennessee Will Pay Greg Schiano For Not CoachingDecember 21, 2017

    On November 26, the University of Tennessee hired Ohio State defensive coordinator Greg Schiano to be its next football coach. Within a matter of hours UT experienced a case of buyer’s remorse, a decision that will cost the University millions of dollars. Tennessee director of athletics John Currie and Schiano signed a Memorandum of Understanding setting forth the basic terms of their agreement. Schiano would have been paid $27.7 million over six years. The Memorandum further stated that it "constitutes a binding agreement between Coach and the University..."

  3. Column: Justice Served In Nassar CaseDecember 14, 2017

    “Today, the justice feels very incomplete.” Those words were uttered by Rachael Denhollander after Dr. Lawrence G. Nassar was sentenced to 60 years in federal prison. Denhollander was the first person to publicly accuse Nassar, a former team doctor for USA Gymnastics and the Michigan State University gymnastics team, of sexually abusing hundreds of gymnasts – one of whom was only 9 years old - under the guise of medical treatment. What would constitute justice for a monster who sexually abused hundreds of girls and women? More importantly, what should justice look like to Nassar’s victims? The sentence virtually guarantees that Nassar will spend his remaining life behind bars. Is that sufficient punishment when it will take his victims years, if not a lifetime, to heal from the wounds he inflicted upon them?

  4. Column: NCAA Continues To Embarrass ItselfDecember 7, 2017

    Perhaps the only certainty in college sports is that the NCAA, the governing body for Division I, II and III sports, has made a cottage industry out of denying basic human rights while simultaneously embarrassing itself. The latest, and certainly not the last, ridiculous ruling was the one-game suspension of University of Houston basketball guard Rob Gray prior to the season opener against McNeese State. Gray’s crime was playing in a church recreation league game over the summer. Apparently, the NCAA justified the suspension because a friend of Gray’s paid the $5 fee which allowed him to suit up for the Second Baptist Church. You may recall this is the same organization that once ruled a bagel did not constitute an extra benefit, but adding cream cheese – who eats bagels without cream cheese? – was a Bylaw violation warranting a suspension.