Archive - October 2015

  1. Column: Sex Scandal at University of LouisvilleOctober 28, 2015

    The University of Louisville (U of L) is clearly prioritizing winning basketball games over honesty, integrity and ethics. In June, the U of L signed its men’s basketball coach, Rick Pitino, to a 10-year contract extension that kicks in next season. The 62-year old Pitino will be paid an average of $5 million per year in guaranteed salary plus $7.5 million in retention bonuses if he stays through the 2015-16 season. Pitino could also earn $250,000 per year in academic bonuses and an additional $500,000 in any year his team wins a national championship.

  2. Column: The Bat Flip Seen Round the WorldOctober 21, 2015

    “Celebrate good times, come on! (Let's celebrate)… Let’s celebrate, it’s all right.” Kool & the Gang Play the game right. Respect the game. Don’t show up your opponent. These are among the Unwritten Rules of baseball that are handed down from one generation of ballplayers to the next. But what, specifically, do they mean? Because they aren’t written down, players interpret the rules differently. Which brings us to Jose Bautista’s bat flip. In the seventh inning of the fifth game of the best-of-five American League Division Series against the Texas Rangers, the Toronto Blue Jays’ right fielder crushed a three-run homer off pitcher Sam Dyson. The blast gave the Blue Jays a 6-3 lead, propelling Toronto to the League Championship Series for the first time in 22 years.

  3. Column: CC Sabathia Chooses Himself & Family Over BaseballOctober 14, 2015

    On the eve of the baseball playoffs, Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia announced that he was checking himself into a rehab facility "to receive the professional care and assistance I need to treat my disease." The announcement shocked the baseball world. Sabathia was in line to start the first game of the American League Division Series against the Kansas City Royals had the Yankees prevailed against the Houston Astros in the wild card game. They didn’t, which took the spotlight off Sabathia’s decision. But why would a player, especially one with Sabathia’s deserved reputation for being the ultimate teammate, elect to sit out the entire playoffs? He must have been tormented over the decision to choose self over his teammates.

  4. Column: Is Bridge a Sport?October 7, 2015

    Sport: “An athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature, as racing, baseball, tennis, golf, bowling, wrestling, boxing, hunting, fishing, etc.” Bridge is a card game played by tens-of-millions of people around the world, in private and in public tournaments. The game has complex rules, national and international governing bodies and a loyal, if not zealous following. But is it a sport? We’re about to find out. Her Majesty’s High Court of Justice in London will soon decide once and for all…maybe… if bridge is indeed a sport.