Archive - April 2015

  1. Column: Barry Bonds is Finally ExoneratedApril 26, 2015

    The eternal and disturbing saga involving Barry Bonds may finally be over. Last week the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals overturned Bonds’ conviction on obstruction of justice charges, putting to rest - hopefully for good - a sad and frightening chapter in our country’s history. You may recall that Bonds was convicted of obstruction for a meandering, 234-word response to a prosecutor’s question during his testimony before a grand jury in 2003. The government said he should have responded with a “yes” or “no” answer, which he did when prosecutors repeated the question a short time later. But the feds claimed they were “inconvenienced” by Bonds’ initial response so in 2007 they charged him with obstruction along with three counts of perjury. In 2011 a jury deadlocked on the perjury charges but convicted Bonds of obstruction.

  2. Column: MLB Debuts Metal DetectorsApril 19, 2015

    A day at the ballpark now begins like an airplane flight. Major League Baseball required all 30 teams to install metal detectors at their entrance gates prior to the beginning of the 2015 season. A few teams installed metal detectors last year and many others had security measures that required fans to undergo bag checks and random wandings. While those measures were voluntarily instituted, metal detectors are now standard operating procedure. The publicly stated rationale for the increased security shouldn’t surprise you. MLB says it’s all about “fan safety.” In reality, it’s all about perception and a C.Y.A. mentality.

  3. Column: New Ballpark Food for 2015April 12, 2015

    Ballpark concessions are as much a part of the baseball experience as foul balls and autographs. And if you want to challenge your inner gastronomical self, a number of new and creative concession items are available at ballparks around the country. Some may sound appealing, others revolting depending on your constitution. The Texas Rangers introduced a fried food stand exclusively for, well, fried concoctions. One of the featured items is a Fried S’more. The name says it all: deep fried marshmallows breaded in graham cracker crust, mixed with two deep-fried Oreos on a skewer, drizzled with chocolate sauce and topped with Cool Whip.

  4. Column: Baseball Season is Here!April 5, 2015

    “Baseball is the greatest game ever to spring from the mind of mortal man.” Bob Ryan, Boston Globe Correspondent The MLB season opened this week during what is arguably the greatest time of the year for sports fans. March Madness culminates with the Final Four for men and women and the Frozen Four will soon follow; the NBA and NHL are wrapping up their regular seasons with multiple playoff spots still at stake; and the NFL is immersed in free agency and endless discussions on the upcoming draft. But baseball, the game with the greatest parity of any sport, is the annual harbinger of spring and a reminder of what’s right with the world, despite the constant barrage of negative news that dominates the headlines. Hope – the sine qua non of sport fans – is at its peak. Every team has a chance to make the playoffs and win the World Series. Baseball also generates the most controversies and this year is no exception. Here are several storylines to keep an eye on as the season progresses.