Archive - November 2013

  1. Column: Getting Paid To VolunteerNovember 25, 2013

    In a reversal of prior practice, the NFL recently announced that it will pay 1,500 “volunteers” to help out at next year’s Super Bowl game in New Jersey. In the past, the NFL Super Bowl Host Committee has enlisted thousands of un-paid volunteers to assist with events during Super Bowl week. The NFL’s decision was prompted by litigation, a class action law suit that wasn’t brought against the NFL but MLB. After last summer’s All-Star Game Fan Fest in New York City, 2,000 volunteers sued MLB demanding reasonable compensation. While that suit has

  2. Column: Congressional Bonding Through BaseballNovember 18, 2013

    Can baseball foster cooperation between Democrats and Republicans and end the bickering and gridlock that permeates Congress today? Maybe not, but two members of Congress are intent on giving it a try. Roger Williams, a freshman Republican Congressman from Texas, along with fellow Congressman Mike Doyle, a ten-term Democratic legislator from Pennsylvania, have formed the first-ever Congressional Baseball Caucus. The group’s purpose is to transfer the relationship members of Congress enjoy on the field of play during the annual Congressional Baseball Game (CBG) to the halls of Congress. Williams was the coach of this year’s Republican team and Doyle was team manager for the Democrats.

  3. Column: Miami Bullying IncidentNovember 11, 2013

    Although the NFL’s investigation of the relationship between former Miami Dolphins’ teammates Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin is yet to be completed, here’s something upon which we can all agree: Racial slurs, physical threats and extortion are always inappropriate and unacceptable regardless of the setting, including among teammates on a sports team. Team hazing is a tradition as old as sports itself. Rookies are required to engage in such time- honored traditions as carrying bags for the veterans, dressing up as members of the opposite sex, singing their college fight song and picking up the check for a lavish team dinner. The overarching goal is to lighten the mood in the locker room and reduce the omnipresent pressure of winning, while building camaraderie and team solidarity in the process.

  4. Column: NBA - The Art of TankingNovember 4, 2013

    You’ve probably heard of Power Rankings in sports, where teams are ranked on how good they are. This year, has instituted Power Tankings to rank how well NBA teams are tanking – when owners and general managers of NBA teams that have little expectation of winning intentionally put together a losing team. Coaches are in on the scam, but hardly ever complain in order to protect their jobs and keep their players motivated. Tanking is one of the worst kept secrets in sports. Of course, the NBA denies tanking exists and the league has taken measures to discourage the practice.