Archive - December 2012

  1. Column: Sports Business Stories to Watch in 2013December 31, 2012

    Last year at this time I made five sports business predictions. Some I aced, others I whiffed on. This year, instead of engaging in the fool’s game of prediction, I’ll list the top sports business stories I’ll be watching in 2013 and state my reasons why you should as well. The NFL concussion lawsuits are a must follow. In addition to the billions-of-dollars at stake, the ultimate resolution of the consolidated cases involving thousands of former players and their families could change the game as we know it. The NFL failed to reveal - lied would be a more accurate characterization - much of what it knew about the effects of concussions, making liability a distinct possibility, despite the daunting burden of proof faced by the plaintiffs.

  2. Column: Free Agents and OthersDecember 24, 2012

    The Hot Stove League, a phrase allegedly coined by Karl Artman of Selma, Alabama in 1935, conjures up visions of MLB free agents signing long-term, multi-million dollar contracts. This year is no exception. So far, the two biggest transactions have been Zack Greinke’s 6-year, $147 million deal with the Dodgers and Josh Hamilton’s 5-year, $125 million contract with the Angels. But dozens of other players have switched teams since the end of the World Series and many of those transactions have gone virtually unnoticed. Eli Whiteside and Sandy Rosario are two players who can’t relate to big bucks or stability soon to be enjoyed by Greinke and Hamilton. Both players have appeared on the rosters of four different MLB teams since the end of the season and yet neither of them knows where they will be come spring training.

  3. Column: Yankees New Ticket PolicyDecember 17, 2012

    The Yankees have adopted a new ticket policy designed to promote civility and decorum at Yankee Stadium. However, the policy is sure to please some fans and offend others. The new policy was unveiled in the October issue of Yankees Magazine. Ticket backs will now include the following language: “NOTICE: The Yankees reserve the right, with or without refunding any amount paid by the ticket holder, to refuse admission to and/or eject any person who uses foul or abusive language or who wears or fails to cover obscene or indecent clothing.” Which begs the question: What’s the definition of foul, abusive, obscene or indecent?

  4. Column: Coaching CarouselDecember 10, 2012

    Just as summer follows spring, football coaches begin their game of musical chairs immediately after the end of the college football season. And this year is no different. So far, 24 of the 120 - or 20 per cent - BCS schools have hired new coaches for next year. Many of the new hires either got fired from their old jobs or bolted for greener pastures, which demonstrates that coaching contracts only guarantee one thing: Coaches always get their money, either from the school that fires them or the school that hires them.

  5. COLUMN: Miller's Impact on Sports BusinessDecember 3, 2012

    Marvin Miller, who passed away last week at the age of 95, was easily one of the five most influential people in the history of Major League Baseball. I won’t try to convince you he was number one. You can rank the top five on your own from among Babe Ruth, Branch Rickey, Jackie Robinson, Miller and Bud Selig, in chronological order of when they made their impact on the game.Some people may be surprised at the inclusion of Selig in that group, but you try to keep thirty owners, most of whom are billionaire egomaniacs with diverse backgrounds and different motives for owning an MLB team, in line while at the same time negotiating with what many believe to be the strongest union in the country, all while shepherding the sport through more than two decades of labor peace and financial prosperity.